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Part 3 is coming out today! Yaaaabaaaadaaaabaaadoooo!!!

I think hobbies are a defining part for people's personality and who you are is according to your own hobbies. Thus, for you to know more about me, today i'm gonna write about my hobbies :))

I'll start from when i was very little: i really liked drawing then and i used to copy pictures from kids magazines a lot. As a result (and i'm not being conceited) i can draw people pretty well. I don't draw anything but people, but the people i draw are nice. Usually this hobby manifests itself when i'm bored in class (i draw at the back of my notebook). I also took drawing lessons for half a year but i had to wake up at 6:30 on saturdays morning and it was pretty far from home, so i quit. Either way, drawing is my oldest hobby, i think, and i really find myself in it.

At the beginning it wasn't but in time it became a hobby: i'm talking about learning foreign languages. When i was 6 my father took me to English classes - i hated them and i made a lot of mistakes. But by the time i finished 4th grade i was better at it and my teacher and colleagues complimented my English. I didn't choose English - it chose me and i'm proud i can talk to a lot of people worldwide and learn more about them :)) Then, as i really loved animes (inuyasha at that time) i started learning Japanese. I'm happy when i understand what the characters are saying without needing subs :D More recently i have started learning German because i'm keen on TH (especially Tom). I want to be able to understand what the boys are saying from their own mouth not with the help of translators. At school i also learn French and Latin and i understand a lot in Spanish and sometimes even in Italian (because they resemble Romanian, my mother tongue). By learning so many languages i want to be closer to the people all over the world and learn more about their country, culture, history etc. I want to understand more and foreign languages are my way of connecting with the world. This is also a very rewarding hobby and it gives me confidence that i'm good at something useful. And, in the future, i'm thinking of making a living out of it.

Well, this isn't everything i had to say about hobbies but i'll stop here today because i kind of got carried away with the languages thing. :D:D

Next time the post will be called Part 3 Second Round :)) ;) :D

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