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Hey I'm Lee Medd, I'm 18 living in NW England.

Currently I work for the british government, in one of our numerous tax offices, I have been working there since the end of last year,

I am an incredibly passionate football (soccer in the US) fan, and I play and follow the game religiously, recently i have overcome a serious ankle ligament injury in order to progress myself further, I have recently applied at several football teams for a proffessional trial and am hoping to be given the opportunity to prove myself as an asset to a team.

Im outgoing, confident, reliable and full of energy, any of my mates will tell you that and its quite a good trait i believe coz with no energy you can't have fun. I'm always trying to improve my fitness by running up to 6 times a week and up to 6 miles at a time

I have an amazing dog too, he's a golden retriever still only a puppy at 12 months old, he's called Barney and I don't know what i would do without him now, I never thought i'd ever get close to a dog, but i did and i wouldn't have it any other way, and its always good fun to take him out for a walk or run :)

I love my music, and currently find myself loving Lady Gaga and her music, she is inspirational, my other music that i listen to is completely different, such as Dragonforce, Alter Bridge, Foo Foghters, Michael Jackson & Lynryd Skynyrd

If you wanna know anything else, dont be a stranger, just ask, i'll b happy to answer any questions

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