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Well hello fellow Cherrytree peeps!


My name is Sandra and I am not new to the blogging scene however it has been aaaaaaages since I last wrote on a blog - I get side-tracked easily and then end up totally forgetting I have a blog to start with!! eeks well hopefully that will change.....we'll see huh?


Anywhos just so you all know I am a big fan of Far*East Movement (FM) they are the 1st artists that I have seen live - ever, so now I am hooked o_O I would love to see more live shows as that is how music should be heard - totally awesome ^_^ I like all genres of music and music from anywhere like Kpop, Jpop and cantopop long as it sounds good to my ears I'm game!! haha


Anyways if you wanna add me just do it! Would love to chat to everyone too, however I hate the time difference!! Makes me miss everything...o_O"


Hit me up people!!!


love ya xx



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