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Hi! Since this is my first time here, i guess I'll just post a little somethin bout myself. My name is Kelly (but some of my friends call me Ruffy or Roofy) and i discovered this site when one of my friends was like hey you should go on the sute thats like myspace but for Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizzare people. So I decide to check it out and here I am! My first musical love has got to be Tokio Hotel. Between the awesome drums and guitar (go Tom Gustav and Georg!) behind Bill's beautiful voice to the meaningful lyrics each song hold, you've gotta love them. Bill and Tom are the best twins ever (beside for my brother and I...not really). I've gotta say Bill is my number 1, though I love all the boys dearly. Also, I'm a fan of Ciname Bizarre. Strify and Kiro are probably my favorites from CB, but the rest are cool too. Well that its for my first blog post! Ciao!

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Comment by headinthecloudsforeverTH on May 1, 2009 at 1:34pm
are you and your brother twins? i also love TH <3
Comment by Leighann on April 22, 2009 at 12:40pm
my first blog on david was much better than yours cough cough.
It didn't say anything about me though.


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