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I'm very sleepy now but I decide to write a blog sometimes. Not often but I will.
So. At first I should write something about me, but who cares about that.? ^^
I hope You don't want to know anything about me ;D
All You need to know is that:
~**~ I love writing. It's always fan-fiction.
~**~ I can't live without:
~^^~ music. I'm listening rock, a little bit of pop, some r&b, and German Rap. My favorite bands.? It's Tokio Hotel [Tom <3] ; Flyleaf ; Patrick Nuo ; Linkin Park ; Bushido ; PtakY

~^^~ chewing gums : Especially Orbit Spearmint [loves it] Paula knows something about it xD
~^^~ phone. Non comments ;D
~^^~ good books. I'm reading book of Polish writer Janusz Wiśniewski "Samotność w sieci" If someone want to read this. This book was translate on 4 languages: Russian ; Croatian ; Vietnamese and Czech xD
~^^~ My dear friend Paula ;* And all my friend, [love You all ;*]
~^^~ And someone really special in my life. Thank You for being... ;*
~**~ I'm a crazy and spontaneous girl with romantic soul
~**~ I love go sleep very late and wake up late too. ;)
~**~ I love animals. Especially dogs [I have one], hamsters [I had two], and cats [My sister had a cat but he escape from her. I was too young to remember it but I'd love to have this cosset.]
~**~ And my natural color of hair is dark blond but I don't confess to this xD

Well, I told You don't need to know anything about me, but I wrote something. Forgive me that, please. ;] I'm just to talkative. And forgive me my English if it's as bad that You can't understand me.
Next post [If I will add it] will be about music that I'm listening. Every post will be about another band.
So, see You guys soon.
Bye ;P
PS. I'm adding my photo to facilitate You imagination about myself xD

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Comment by Klaudia Wawrzyniak-Kaulitz on November 30, 2009 at 1:45pm
Hahah, You're so crazy.
Green gums are the best ;] And non "Winterfresh" or something. Our green Orbitki xD
I don't know will I write this blog. And if I will, I'm gonna do it only for myself. And of course for You, my dear reader ;*
PS. For a next section on [in-los-angeles] You have to wait. I'm not gonna write for this days. I don't have a vision.

OMG. I had a lot of fun just few seconds ago by this "ringlet". I was trying to make my hair straight and it didn't worked out. I need to go to hairdresser soon xD But for now I love my "ringlets"

I know Your English is not as good as mine ... :lol: But I love it ;* And [what's the most important!] I understand You. You will be great speaker in English and because of who.? ME of course. Hehe ;D


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