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So apparently in Victorian times they drank vinegar to make their skin pale. Personally, I think that's really cool, so I decided to look it up. Check out what I found:

"As well as the two in five who drink if just for general feelings of well-being, a majority choose it to recover from fatigue. It is also popular for improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure, as it is said that it does thin the blood and cause blood vessels to expand (that's perhaps the flush you feel after drinking), and for dieting, as it is believed to have the effect of speeding up one's metabolic rate. It is also a good defense against feat exhaustion, and there appears to be some effect with regards to improving skin tone and condition. All in all, there appears to be many, many health benefits from drinking vinegar."


Crazy or what? Apparently the Japanese are big into drinking vinegar and even have different flavors of vinegar just for that purpose! They recommend diluting it with 3 parts water, but some drink it straight. Awesome!

I wanna go buy some vinegar now... XD

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