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ok i fell a pretty bit guilty about getting into a fight today woke up sore. When to work and had my co workers calling me a rebel without a cause they said they were going to start calling me james dean in a girl version lol. So went to a meeting with the chick i got into a fight with and our main supervisor she said she saw the surviellence video and said she was the one who started it. I said i only protected myself because i felt threatened by her. She started to say that it was a lie and that i broke her cap from her front tooth. When she said that i saw that i did and wanted to laugh omg it is hilarious to hear her talk cuz everything she says has a lisp to it. I have a lisp but its only when i say something with an s but with her its everytime she speaks for example SARA SNEW SWHAT SHE SWAS SDOING SHE SMACKED SME SON SPURPOSE. I wanted to laugh so hard but retained it. My punishment is i am suspended without pay for 2 weeks shes suspended for a month. Well i guess i ended the year on a not so good note but hey i still can do a good deed for the remaining last day of the year and then on the first i can start it off doing a little bit better than this year. Well guys SHAPPY SNEW SYEAR LOL

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