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Welt am Sonntag:
Bill, Tom, both have birthdays on September 1, What do you like?
I want to be with my family, see my friends and drink coffee. I like coffee, I drink a lot. And I'd like a round of coffee with cream pies. And it would be great if all people over 60 years. Therefore, a true celebration of coffee.

With the elderly you can have conversations that are completely out of place. They have very different thoughts. This would be good for every Sunday picnic.

*Have any material desire?
Bill Kaulitz:
Not me.
A new car, perhaps?
Tom Kaulitz:
I think there is nobody to give me something. But sure, I would be happy with a new car.

*They will serve 20 years. They're adults?

Bill Kaulitz:
I think I never will grow. But growth is also relatively. I thought when I was 13 I could do what he wanted. Log in clubs and drink alcohol. I always felt bigger than I am.

Have completed high school through distance education and have been awarded for particularly good performance.
This is almost embarrassing, right?

A little.
Tom and I hate going to school. That was the worst moment in our lives. Sorry for all who go to school.

Welt am Sonntag: What was so bad?
Most are shocked because our apariensia in school. Worst of all is that the personality of each is completely suppressed in the school.

Tom and I were separated into two different classes for disciplinary reasons in the 7th grade. We were really problem children, and were nearly expelled from school. But not because of drugs or fights. But because of discussions, where the teachers simply did not correspond. And then you realize that pedagogy in teacher education is too short. Many people simply slip on the study because they see no other way. But if you want to be a teacher, you really have to want it and have passion.

Many of his fans have them as role models. Are there values that you want to convey?
We are not really as role models.

But you are living a little. You are aware of it?
No, often not. They are also free to do so. We have a very limited space anyway. I pay attention to any case, even now that I do not use foul language in interviews.

They however, such commitment to an anti-AIDS campaign.
Of course, sometimes we try to fight for the things we consider important. But in the end: I hate this "role model position. So I never want to be.

Uhm, yes. Let's see.

So in any case, be the first time.

How tall is the percentage of normalcy in their lives?
one percent (1%)

It's the same as with international stars, who can not even go shopping?
Yes, absolutely. When we started making music, we were in a time where our parents bought everything for us and we're in a time where we have to do this for ourselves but we can not.

It sounds a bit cool to have a personal assistant, who always ask him everything. But I also like to choose my yogurt by myself.

In the U.S., there are also supermarkets, which are open 24 hours a day. You can go there at four in the morning when no one is there. Once we walked in the toy department, and bought everything. Guns with arrows or tetherball.

And then we shot the car with the arrows. Totally ridiculous.

And how they buy their clothes?
Generally the Internet or from catalogs. Totally boring. But sometimes you have to jump over your own shadow. F***! whether photographers and fans outside the gates. Sometimes you have to leave, you need this bit of normalcy to live.

What's on your wish list?
In fact, every year there is something new. And I must admit it is quite long. But we're home so seldom, we always try to make it as comfortable as possible. The most important things are real coffee and blankets in the hotels. These blankets are the worst. They make you appear to be in a field. What is most important to me is a real blanket and pillow.

He still has regular friends from the past?
Only in the past. At the time of Tokio Hotel never met any new friends because we can not really get to know each other. Everyone who we are, already has an opinion about us.

You are very cautious with the action of making contact with new people because you are often deceived?
Yes, most of the time. We'd had extreme experiences early in our career. With 15 years we were in every after show party and, of course, we have been drinking alcohol. At that time was this: He took a sip of alcohol, and then the next day the editors called the Youth Welfare Office of trying to suspend the project (Tokio Hotel) completely.

But probably you are trained in how to deal with such situations.
No, never did. I do not want someone to tell me how I should respond to questions.

You have to learn this for yourself, and live with the fact that sometimes bad things are written about you in newspapers.

*They get counseling in such cases?

Our family and friends are our psychological support. I could imagine getting the help of a professional, but there are problems with time again.

I understand when people do this. The problem is that I do not think about it.

I also always think I'm smarter than the same psychologist.
Bill: Exactly. Everything I say, I say deliberately, because this is my problem. And then the psychologist would say: Yes, you have to take some time to think about it. And then I think to myself: Well, I knew this before.

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