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This is when I was doing everything wrong and someone came to me and said they don't really ever get out much and they don't see the point in going out and getting drunk and they said they would never do it... I said to them it's not about going out it's the social aspect.

Some people do it all right,
they are trying to be the best,
living life without a fight,
but when you get there whats next?

Your missing out on the fun,
never got pissed what you on about?
Sure we may act pretty dumb,
but mate were only acting young.

When we get older we will change,
but right now live life to the full,
lets go out on the binge,
f*** it all up, look a fool.

I'm having fun Ive got my mates,
what do you have? Work?
well I guess that's your mistake,
mate lets go get baked....

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