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Wearing makeup, for a girl, is as necessary a part of grooming as using hairspray and deodorant. It's just something we do. Eye makeup is a very important part of of the finished product. One can do without lipgloss, if one has to forgo an additional few minutes in the morning, but the eyes must at least wear a delicate thread of liner and a touch of mascara.

Personally, I have favored natural colors and a light touch with the eyeshadow brush. Neutrals and the palest of pastels have been my staples. A light sweep with the mascara wand, and a thin line of barely there liner completed the look.

But, makeup has not just been the province of women. It's been photographically documented that men throughout the ages have used eye makeup to enhance their features and give presence to an otherwise plain face.

As an example, Egyptians in ancient times, both women and men, would not leave their chambers unless fully outfitted in garments that bespoke of their noble rank, including scepter or staff, jewelry, the finest linens, and makeup. What? You thought those old hieroglyphic painters added eyeliner as artistic license? Pish. One thing you can say for those ancient Egyptians- they knew the value of a good stick of kohl!

In our more 'enlightened' times, rock stars have found that eye makeup, especially eyeliner, adds interest and detail to their face, making it easier for fans to appreciate the star's features from a distance in a crowed venue.

Tokio Hotel's singer, Bill Kaulitz, with his anime inspired mane of white streaked black locks, has made thick black liner and dark eyeshadow a rock star trademark. No one can deny that his eyes sparkle, even from a distance.

HIM's brunet singer, Ville Valo, uses judicious applications of blackest kohl to rim his ocean blue eyes. The result is a shock of wide, crystaline eyes that seem to pop into existence, capturing the attention of everyone he makes eye contact with. Combined with Valo's legendary 'pretty-boy' good looks, the result is mesmerizing. You feel like you'd never want to look away.

Kohl is a standard product for the band Pensive, too. All four members rim their eyes with the black liner, but the effect is different for each boy. Julio Godoy, frontman, lines his eyes, then smudges the liner for a sultry, intense look. Patrick Smith lines with a lighter touch, bringing out his hidden mischievousness. Jeremy Hough uses a firmer hand to add a bit of age to his mere 18 years. Cody Moore projects a 'no-nonsense' attitude.

AFI's frontman Davey Havok lept from the standard dark shadow colors and chose heavy applications of nearly neon shades of blues, pinks, and primary colors. Topped with liner and absurdely long false lashes, Havok's beautiful brown eyes can easily be seen from the upper balconies.

Cinema Bizarre has boldly changed the look of eye makeup for rock stars. Gone is the deeply ringed black kohl and dark shadows. In its place resides lighter, brighter colors placed and blended with painstaking exactness. Eyeliner is used as a framework instead of makeup in its entirety. Metallics, pearls, and soft greys have replaced the stark blacks, bringing out the more androgenous look the band is famed for. Frontman Jack E. Strify, blond and beautiful, compares himself to Berlin as "...glamorous and trashy..." Since I've never experienced Berlin, I don't have an opinion of the city. About Strify, however, I can agree with the 'glamorous' part of his statement. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the 'trashy.'

Encouraged by photos of Cinema Bizarre's glamorous look to try more bold and exciting eye colors myself, I've added denimn blues, crisp coppers, grassy greens and sunny pastels to my color palette. Topped with a bolder sweep of black eyeliner on both top and bottom lashes, and finished off with a thick coating of blackest-black mascara, my indecisive hazel eyes have become a fine feature.

After sitting down to lunch with my mother at a favorite Mexican food restaurant, she looked at me and said, "Take off your glasses." I acquiesced to her request and removed my darkened transition lenses. She peered at me intently for a moment or two and then remarked, "Your eyes are pretty!" I was stunned. My mother noticed. Holy... well, wow. Perhaps I'm on my way to becoming glamorous and trashy, too. And, its not such a bad place to be.

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