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Get Tokio Hotel on The Ellen Degeneres Show!

Help get Tokio Hotel on The Ellen Degeneres Show!

That was our new, shorter version of the longer video we made in February.
Here's the other one:

So here's what you should do:

1. Send Ellen a message or two via. her online suggestion form.
- You can include a link to any of the above videos, or you can make your own video.
- If you want to write an effective message, go over the guidelines first.

2. Send Ellen a voicemail via. her toll-free number.
- 1-866-355-3684
- It would also be helpful to look at the guidelines.

3. Tweet the following message: @TheEllenShow please have #tokiohotel as a guest!
- Include a link to the video in your tweet.
- Include any other links (ie. to the Automatic video, to THTV, to, etc)

Have fun and good luck!

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