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Germany produced a superstar ■ / Tokio Hotel and the Japanese team's top players / exchange of players in Tokyo, Kagawa Shinzi ale!

February 10, 2011, Germany's world-class rock band, Tokio Hotel, the attention of international football now played the face in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo and Kagawa Shinzi. Four people from Tokio Hotel Magdeburg in Germany, Japan, was released on their own planning board on February 2 [Japan] Dark Side Of The Sun for five days from February 7 to promote the Was staying.



Currently, Kagawa Shinzi player is a member of the lead far ahead of Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. The German superstar, but a short time talking to the dense and events that were experienced in each other's country. They advise each other useful information on each other's country, another concert, soccer game invites, promised to meet again. Kagawa Shinzi players, even Tokio Hotel, the individual in the field "first division" in the present fight, and has brought enthusiasm and excitement. Kagawa Shinzi players and snatches away from the opposing team a goal, other hand, Tokio Hotel is aiming to top position in European and American charts.

Tokio Hotel have fans around the world have great success in Europe and the United States. And now they are ready to conquer the Japanese music scene.

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