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GANG OF GIRLS STOP TOKIO HOTEL'S NEW ALBUM!!!!!!! has posted a new article confirming my suspicions: the stalkers are a cause of the album delay. The article says that after their mother was assaulted, Bill and Tom canceled a flight to Los Angeles to finish the album. Read this article translation by kennedyrosewhith of our forums for more info!

Bill (19) and Tom Kaulitz (19) should have finished up their new album now in Los Angeles. Flights were booked, but the Tokio Hotel twins stayed home. The twins stayed home because they were worried for the life of their mother, who had reportedly been threatened by the French girl-gang “The Afghans on Tour”.

Reportedly, 11 days ago Tom hit the French woman Perrine D. (21) at agas station in Hamburg. She reportedly insulted him and put out a cigarette on his car.

Peak of a months-long hunting of the musician? “Alongside numerous harassments and threats, it could have also, because of the car chasesdone by the stalkers, resulted in a car accident plenty of times”, says Manager David Jost to BamS. Bill and Tom pressed charges, and so did Perrine D.

The lawyer of the French girls proposed to drop the charges that Perrine D. pressed, if the twins would do the same. “We have determined that they will make a desist declaration to stay away from the boys and their family”. Instead of signing, the girls fired their attorney. Jost: “So the charges will not be dropped. Now our attorney
will submit a request for a restraining order and the outstanding charges against the French girls.”

Already, according to the manager, the girls had pelted the cars of the band with bottles. On April 8th, they threatened the mother of the twins. Jost: “For the mother to be threatened, and in this case attacked even, is by far the worst for Bill and Tom. As soon as it comes around to their family, the twins immediately shove aside every other priority.” That’s why Bill and Tom do not want to leave there mother alone.

From where does this unbelievable hate come to the band? An insider among the fans shortly explains to “Bravo” magazine: “For a year, a few of the French girls have rented apartments in the same area as the Tokio Hotel twins, in order to come across the boys.” But Bill and Tom want their peace, and also to spend their free days relaxing undisturbed. The insider continues: “The stalkers, on the other hand, did not want to accept this and became bitter” Whatever happens now with the band and girls - it certainly will have nothing to do with fan love.

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Comment by Xenia :) on May 10, 2009 at 1:31pm
these girls suck!!! you cant just stalk a band like that! people need their privacy just like everyone the album was delayed because of those girls but family comes first! :)
Comment by Ramona on April 28, 2009 at 5:40pm
People need to know their boundaries. These girls are not fans. They are crazy people.
Comment by on April 28, 2009 at 3:58am
"it certainly will have nothing to do with fan love. "
A fan would respect their favourite artist and let them breath!

Tom is a hero! I bet all celebreties feels that way. They are just to affraid to say so (yet) as it is not "political correct" what he did. As soon as it is all over, the girls are in jail and Tom has payed a fee (at the max) all stars will be sooo fan of Tom!
COME ON! Support him NOW! I know you alle want to!!!! And he needs support!
Madonna? Britney? Where are you???????????????????????
Comment by on April 28, 2009 at 3:54am
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD! These girls are soooo dumb!


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