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für lizzy poo(tehe) and tokio hotel

Um hi, mi name is chelsea nd i am writing this post on behalf of tokio hotel and mi friend lizz
well liz introduced meh to tokio hotel nd after that it's been nothin but love for them lol Their music is so original.. it's not the kinda s*** rappers and other artists talk about.. it's meaningful relatable music that sets ur heart ablaze {and ur hormones if ur watching them perform it} well neway meh nd liz plan to go to their concert wenever they announce it nd im like hyperventilating thnkn about it..meh nd liz always ALWAYS talk about them in 1st, 2nd &3rd period..thnk we're obssessed.. well so do we bt we dnt give a whoot lol a lot of ignorant ppl in mi school say tokio hotel is crap.. bt they must not have properly functioning eyes, ears,heart, brain, or mouth if they can say tht.. i mean thts sum BULL SCHEISSE lol they are yea b4 i drag on and on about mi love for tokio hotel I'm going to cut it short...hope some one can relate and will b nice enough (if not bored to the end of time) to comment


oh P.S ths is mi first blog so be patient with meh lol

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Comment by Monica {College Student} on May 17, 2009 at 10:23am
I agree with the talking and waiting for the announcement of there concert dates! It's like stressful and it shouldn't be. lol :)
Comment by lizz on May 13, 2009 at 8:23pm
yea im thats friend (liz!) lol
of course were gunna go and see um..duh lol i gotta c bill =)
i love your blog chelsea!!!
<3 lizz


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