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This is after one of my 'best friends' went off the day that me and my ex-girlfriend broke up and he started texting and calling her.. It turns out our friendship was just so I would tell him whenever me and my ex argued so he knew that we were going to break up soon and after we did he completlely abandoned me as a friend, and now he is not very popular around the school and it seems like he doesn't even care that he has lost two best friends. It has a very blunt ending.

It's so easy to lie,
but if you do it to me,
all I will say is goodbye,
to you I have had to plea,
all lying leads to is crimes,
if you are good at it go ahead,
but it's our friendship that's dead,
honesty is the best policy,
that's how the rhyme goes,
but now i've lost toleracy,
and you are the one that chose,
but now say goodbye to me,
you told me a lie and it was poor,
so we aren't friends anymore.

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