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What is friendship? Is friendship something that can occur immediately or is it something that develops or can it be both? Are there people in the world we are destined to be friends with or is it all on chance? Lovers can be friends too right? Or would that fall under some other category? And if lovers are not friends than what are they? Shouldn't you always be friends with your lovers? Now one-nighters are a completely different story it is better if you barely now each other. Then there is not baggage associated with it. Hell sometimes I think that it is possible to have one-nighters without ever exchanging names though I have never done this. Friendship is something that is long lasting and exists on multiple levels. Friends are people who know your quirks, habits, and expressions. Friends are people who don't have to ask you if something is bothering you because they already know. But to answer the next question, you can have an instant connection with someone. But whether that develops into friendship is completely up to the individuals. Now you can have acqaintances that develop into friendships. Just like you can have friendships that develop into more. You just have to be careful not to confuse friendship with love. Even though you may be having sex doesn't mean it is love nor does it mean your friendship has grown stronger. Quite the contrary sex can put a massive strain on any friendship no matter how long you have been friends. Just some words of advice based on my experience don't mix friendship with sex if at all possble without discussing it first. And always make sure both parners are okay with whatever they arrangement maybe. So on to the question, can lovers be friends. Yes but it is like skating on thin ice and at any point and time it can give. Now understand that there is always exceptions to everything and that nothing is written in stone. Always follow your heart. If your heart tells you to do it then do it just don't let you head get involved because over analyzing everything is a good way to screw things up. That is all for now. later

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