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Friday night out. Sorry For Party Rocking!

Took me a few days to write this up, not because I have nothing to say, but because I have so much to say, I don't have time to say it all at one time. But I can't wait any longer to share my experience while it's still fresh in my mind & heart. 

I was stoked reading all the updates from Martin during the Canadian & the European tour, counting days for the American tour to start. When the dates were up, I automatically picked a date without thinking twice. I marked the calender & got updates from the concerts that went on before the date I attended. With every friend's updates, I jumped out of my skin waiting for my turn.

Updating my phone to an iPhone a day before Friday was an icing on the cake. Woke up on a Friday afternoon, instead of sleeping 8 hours that I was hoping for, I got 5 hours of sleep because my baby cousin woke me up super early wanting to play with me. In between taking care of her, I slowly got ready. It hit 3pm where I was ready to meet up with my friend Christine, & head out with her & my brother. We took the train from the World Trade Center to Newark. The trip wasn't as bad as I though (It was my first time). Got there 2 hours before the show started, hoping we would survive a 98 degree weather, we got a text from other rec'ers, & cherry staff to meet them at a local coffee shop. This was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to; was meeting up with people who I talked to online often & to see them (again) in person. We caught up on things we missed & split back up before the show however planned to meet up throughout the show. We walked around the venue & bumped into Eva Simons walking into the venue. Outside the venue, we got to see a bunch of fans dressed in neons & animal prints. You know LMFAO is around!

While we waited to pick up our tickets at will call, I recognized a guy that walked by. I turned my head & called David Garibaldi. He turned & walked our way. I told him how I recognized him because I worked with him & many others because of the ISA 2010 event in NYC. He somewhat recognized me but I knew that he wouldn't since it has been a very long time. I checked up on his work often since than & knew that he has auditioned for America's Got Talent & went through to the live shows. I congratulated him & wished him luck. This man is very talented, so vote for him! We took a picture & shortly departed because he had to wait for his tickets as well. 

After waiting for about 30 minutes, we picked up our tickets & headed inside. Sadly, we got into the venue halfway through Matthew Koma's set. We rushed into the venue & enjoyed the last 2 songs. His voice was magical, you'd think you would understand by listening to music, but he is the one you need to catch live.

We got into the general admission section with million things rushing through my mind & just enjoying the setting. Eva Simons came out to perform a couple of songs & the crowed went wild. She was such a great energy on stage that affected the whole stadium.


Shortly after, Sidney Samson blessed us with his presence. I haven't heard much of his work other than the song with Far East Movement but I was blown away by his mixes of current & old songs. It got everyone in the mood to dance around & sing along.

Next up? Far East Movement! Sadly, I got to see them perform 3 first songs & have missed the rest for the reason I will mention in a few sentences. I saw these guys perform at least 10 times & I never get tired of their performances. They always bring something totally new to the table. Out of those 3 songs, they performed one of the new songs Where The Wild Things Are & it was amazing! Wish I could have stayed longer but I had to go backstage to get in line to meet & greet LMFAO.


While we were waiting online, we bumped into a long time rec'er & friend from out of the state. We were so excited to finally meet each other. Out of no where we saw LMFAO walk past us & into a room where we would take pictures. A guy next to us said "was that the meet & greet?" I couldn't help but giggle. While on the line, Andrea came up to us & asked who would want to go on stage to shuffle to the last song. My hand automatically sticked up. That, I will talk about in the end. It was my friend Christine first, than me, & my brother. When I gave Scott my camera, I turned to the guys & saw Red Foo stick out his hand & introduce himself. I giggled & shook his hand. I got in between them & told them that I saw them perform on Jimmy Fallon 2 days before (Wednesday), & that I got to go on stage for their performance onto the balcony. Red Foo looked at me & said "Yeahhh Babyyy!" I smiled, then realized Scott said that my camera was set on video mode & not camera mode. I switched it & went back between Red Foo & Sky Blu, turned my head to Sky & said, "by the way, I love your pants!" The gentleman said "Yeahhhhhhh? Thanks!" & I walked away while waiting for my brother to get his picture taken. After that we walked further into the room to meet Eva Simons. Stood on the line & got some stickers to promote her with, & got some posters signed. She was super sweet, we talked about touring & her amazing performances, as well as bumping into her outside & her cute accent. While she signed my poster, she thought she made a mistake because of the spelling difference between Dutch & English. We giggled & I moved away to let others get some time with her. Before my brother finished I turned to see that most of the Party Rock Crew was already gone. I got to take a picture with only Shuffle Bot, he was super nice & super in a hurry, haha.


When the meet & greet was done, we walked out to catch the beginning part of LMFAO's performances & bumped into a friend of mine, as well as Far East Movement's tour manager. It felt like a nice mini family reunion. While walking  to the Party Pit of the venue we bumped into David Garibaldi again, said our short good byes & went to see the guys perform. After a few songs got a text message saying to meet him back to where we have met before. Walked back with the little group we have formed & went back to the room that we left from (meet & greet). We walk in & David Garibaldi was there, he waved us down saying "Ticket buddies!" Haha. More of the rec'ers came into the room & we were talking our ears off when we noticed Far East Movement come into the room, or group was in no hurry to get in line to meet them. We enjoyed each others company. When the room was getting emptier, we were getting closer to them. The rec'ers right before us were talking with them & snapping pictures, Proh looked my way & said "Irina, I got a note.." (The note was given to him by my friend Allie who was at the show a day before in CT.) I smiled.

Me: Yeah!

Proh: I am a little confused, is the note for me or for you?

Me: Me! Haha, she gave it to you to give to me. She gave me the note through you.

Proh: Ah! Okay.. 

& He got continued talking to the rec'ers that were already mingling with the rest of the group. After the group was done, Kev Nish speed walked right up to me for a teady bear hug. It felt so nice to finally see these guys, it's like hugging your big brother after a long trip away from home. I took out my phone to show it off to the guys who teased me about joining the iPhone family.

Proh: Yeah! You got it.

Me: Yeah, finally joined the family.. But it takes time getting used too. It's so different from my blackberry.

Proh: Trust me, after a week, you'll wonder how you lived without one.

At that time, I didn't know if I would eventually agree or not. Now looking back, he was right. We took pictures & talked about a bunch of random stuff as we always do. My brother posed a picture with the whole group, while taking a picture, Proh called him a pimp.

Proh: Sup pimp! How you been? Good to see ya!

Me: Don't call my brother a pimp, haha!

Proh: Why not? Pimp! While looking at me.

Me: Give Proh a dirty look. Haha.

It was all fun in games, we tease each other all the time; like brother & sister always do. Sadly Jae & Virman were sick. I felt so bad knowing they were still on tour & had to keep it together for the rest of the shows on the tour. Trying to take a picture with my phone with a tall guy, the manager, was complicated. Kev Nish watched me from up far, while he was entertained, he asked if I needed help, & he helped take that picture. After that, he showed me a few things around the iPhone that he thought was important to know, & for that I am thankful. I took out my Dirty Bass album, & got it signed. Kev Nish let me wear his Cherry Tree chain in the picture.

I couldn't help but hug these guys.

After hanging out with Far East Movement for about 20 minutes, we head back out to see LMFAO finish their set. So glad that they performed almost every single song they have ever written. Got to see them perform about another 8 song's before moving to the side where we had to line up to join the guys on stage. We waited for about 2 songs, than when we got backstage, we waited another 5 songs. While waiting backstage, we got to miss the Champagne Showers, the song & an actual champagne shower. In between their set, Quest Crew danced their talented butts off & it was amazing. I got to see them dance before but this was so much closer, I loved it! They have so much energy & so much passion behind their dance moves. You can defiantly see it by the way they move on stage.


It looked amazing from where we were standing though. 

Party Mike was standing behind me told me that we would join the guys on stage for the last song which was Sexy & I Know it. I started giggling at the sight of my parents watching the guys in their underwear & me on stage with them. The song started & they let us on stage. First time I need when I got on stage was trying to find my brother in the crowed to see if I could locate him & wave. When I found him, he told me the camera died as soon as I got on stage, I was a bit bummed but a friend of mine Jenn caught a video for her friend who was also on stage. In a short minute of being on stage, we got off. However, jumping up & down & trying to dance in that minute was super fun. Red Foo was standing right in front of me, with Victor Kim from the Quest Crew on my other side. I was in heaven. 


The show was done, the venue was being emptied out. We took our time leaving & got to meet a few Quest Crew members. They were super nice but I was a bit bummed that I didn't get to say hi or hug Hok who is one of my favorites from the group. I have met him previously at the ISA but I needed an updated hug. Next time? Yes! However, we got lucky enough to bump into the NY Bass Head Girl, it was a pleasure meeting her after talking for a few weeks online.

We left the venue as a hot mess. But that's what happens when we are Sorry For Party Rocking. We walked out of the venue to meet up with the rec'ers again & to have the taste of music. So thirsty for Cherry Tree Cola, we continued to talk near the cool Cherry Tree Car, it was finally time to meet Matthew Koma & all his glory. We wanted patiently while he signed & talked to a bunch of excited fans. It was my turn a few minutes later,

Me: Hey Matthew, remember talking to Irina_KT?

Matthew: On.. Twitter right?

Me: Yeah! Nice to finally meet you. You were great live!

Matthew: Thank you! Thank you for coming out to the show. Now I can put the 2 together. Signing the CD. After that, had to separate from the rec'er group & start heading home. We left the venue around 11:30pm, met up with a long time friend who was also at the show & headed home. We got home practically right before 2am because of the train traffic we had the whole time. My body was drained but today is Tuesday & I still feel the amazing energy flowing through me since the show. I want to thank everyone who contributed to an amazing day. You are very much appreciated. I wrote this out to share my experience, hope you enjoyed reading this because I enjoyed writing this up. If you can, catch the last live show which is in Toronto tomorrow. If you didn't go to a show of this tour, you really missed out.

Xoxo, iRiNa. 

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