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FrankMuzik - The Vogue - Indianapolis, IN. 09/20/11.

This was my first time to see Frankmuzik do his set of yet to be released songs from "Do It in the A.M".  When he walked out he told the audience of his realization that they were not familiar with his work yet.  He has a point, I watched the legendary David Bowie blaze through "Rebel Rebel" to 3000 dancing fans but when he proclaimed his next song was a new song, 3000 people sat down.  Therefore imagine a whole set in this fashion.


Clearly Frankmuzik was aware of this and understanding that he was opening for Erasure, a prominent 80's group, the audience would most likely reflect that era. Frank decided to infuse excerpts of 80's hits into his songs possibly to exhibit how he felt his songs were as solid as those iconic 80's songs. He began weaving in and out of 80's covers giving the audience a familiarity in certain spots in the set.


There were 2 live musicians, one was a keyboard player with an excellent singing voice as well as a bombastic drummer who really drove these songs. I was surprised Frankmuzik didn't handle the keyboards himself but then I realized that assuming the front man role was a wise move for him, nothing to hide behind, just go out and captivate the audience. His voice was very clear and he intensely sang the full 30 minutes without any loss of quality.


Set List:

No Bueno (Containing an excerpt of "Call Me Al" - Paul Simon)

Brake Lights (Containing an excerpt of "How Will I Know" - Whitney Houston)

When You're Around (Intro containing an excerpt of "Easy Lover" - Phillip Bailey)

Struck By Lightening (Containing an excerpt of "Sex on Fire" - Kings of Leon)


Better Off As Two

Cut Me Down


Do It in the AM









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