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FrankMusik discusses working with Martin Kierszenbaum & Cherrytree Records in new Interview

Kazemi: Well, you’re back now and I’ve noticed you’ve been tweeting Cherrytree Records a lot, is this some kinda tease for what you’re doing in LA?

Frankmusik: I kinda snapped! I felt like I needed to grow, not as an artist but in terms of business and for my career. I needed to come to my America just to creatively get back into some kinda zone cause England sucked and I was just kinda over it. And I love LA, and I’ve been coming to LA for the past six years, I’ve literally only been to New York once and I’ve never been a fan of New York because it reminds me too much of London. So, I came here and met Martin (You obviously know who he is.) Kinda just a “Hi, how’re you doing… I’m another Universal artist” and have a chat and I mentioned “You know it would be great if you could sign me.” Since then, we’ve been writing the album together and I’ve produced the whole thing and he’s been co-writing with me on a couple of the songs and I’ll give you a little taste of them in a bit, and it’s kinda awesome. He is such a dude; he is the best A&R man ever.

Kazemi: Cherrytree Records is such a good label.

Frankmusik: It’s because they get s*** done! [laughs] It’s amazing, it’s because it’s run by a guy who knows how to use a f****** computer. Dude, he’s like a proper A&R man. He’s not like “oh! I’m not really sure about that little thing there.” He will just say “I know what’s wrong with that.” He will just open up the session and fix things for you because he knows how to use “ProTools”, “Logic” and everything else. Martin’s got a great team of people, he knows what s**** about! If that guy supports you, he will support you to death. It’s crazy because he’s in this crazy position but he still ends up being so loyal to the artistry.

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