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This is to a girl that has recently gone through a break up and I just want her to know that we will always be friends and I wrote it really just to cheer her up, it got a smile out of her so I'm happy...

Your such a great girl,
you don't deserve what happened,
the thought of you said makes me hurl,
your mind right now seems so dampened,
don't be too sad,
I know it's tough,
it is bad,
what your going through is rough,
but its ok,
you've got me now,
your ready to get back out in to the day,
just try not to worry,
try and stay happy,
and maybe if your lucky,
I will stay as your lappy,
forever at your side,
through thick and thin,
through any kick in the chin,
but from now on don't worry,
I won't be leaving you in a hurry.

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