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May 18, 2009 - Monday

Foot in Mouth Disease
Current mood: embarrassed
Category: Life

It's a fact. About the time when you think that you know what the hell you're talking about, something, or someone, comes along right behind you to point out that you have your proverbial foot in your mouth. An awkward position at best.

What brought on this sudden verbosity? Well, amazing as it is to do, given the position and all, I seem to be able to chatter away and still have my foot firmly lodged in my oversized mouth. Not everyone can multitask like I can. In this instance, it's not a skill anyone else would like to emulate.

I've had the album Digital Versatile Doom by HIM for months and have even burned it to a CD for use in players that have a tendency to scratch and destroy any CD unfortunate enough to get near them. But, that's all that's available at work, and I'd rather my copies got messed up than my pristine originals.

And, what song is proudly featured on Digital Versatile Doom? Why, Poison Girl, of course. The song I wrote a comment on saying I had not heard before. Sometimes I can be such a Dorcas.

Frankly, if this is the absolutely worst Foot in Mouth situation that I had ever gotten myself into, it wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, it's only the most recent. And, at this point I'll shut up and quit tattling on myself.

Oh, a fortunate fact... it doesn't seem to be overtly contagious.

Best wishes to you for a life free of Foot in Mouth Disease,

Fae Moon

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