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Hi all this is my first time ever doing a blog out of free choice, my first ever one was for my media coursework and that was as dull as it gets but I started to think that it's probably only dull because its the work I'm doing in school currently.
Well I'm Matt and I write a lot of different stuffs, I can write songs and I do write quite a few poems too.. Most of the things I write about are my feelings are what is going on with me at the current time. I have got a lot of stuff to put on here but I will only put the stuff that I feel comfortable putting on at the current time... I guess I will just tell you that currently I am 16, I go to Shiplake College, if you like my songs, poems or lyrics leave a comment or email me, my email is [email protected]... Enjoy :)

Well this is the first ever one that I wrote down:

Stupid, stupid, stupid girl,
you could have had all this,
you could have had my world,
but instead you ran off with your new found joy,
and now he's your favourite toy,
another one of your puppets you pull with your strings,
another one of your little popularity thing,
you tassle and you toil, b**** and meedle,
you've got the acceleration,
and boys are your peddle.

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