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This is my first blog, wanted to share some things with you. I don't usually open up too much but starting to feel like I want to because my head is too crammed.
Since September 2009 I've been on a crazy journey. Some days were quiet, some hell, some horrendous, some incredible, some literally unbelievable, like, did I really just play Wembley Stadium? Did I really just chat to Gaga? Did I really just get a number one album? Stuff like that. Actually on the day I found out the number one I was in a splitter bus driving through the Lake District just thinking about stuff. Everyone was quiet as hell; the Lake District has that effect on you. Everyone being my wonderful little band who you will see much more of- Max, Chris and Joe. 
A lot goes through my head on a day to day basis. Is mostly trivial stuff, but there seem to be so many dimensions to what I do and why I write the things I do, that it would be impossible to not dwell on things a lot. Its an amazing thing to have such dedicated fans of my music who always remind me of the sole reason of why I do this- because I f****** love music and performing it and giving people a bit of hope and inspiration (as cheesy as that sounds its true) I am lucky to have met so many of them after shows, they make me laugh and we talk. I've  also have taken some of them out on runs. I'm a bit obsessed with running. It's not a "man I feel so inspired when I run just thinkin' up lyrics", its a purely physical adrenalin endorphin powered feeling of being high and that when I run I shake off stuff. I like the idea that my body is  in its rightful state as a human being. Ready to run away from trouble or run into it depending on the situation. It doesn't express anything, you don't have to look good for it or give your personality away, you just run, for a couple of miles or ten miles. 
Anyway, I could go on about that for ages, but i like to engage with fans that way. We're all in the same state and there's a bit of comradery towards the end. I like that. Then they all come see my show and see my dark side. Hope that I can get to do that with you guys when I come over there.
Sri Lanka was a welcome break to me. I had done my biggest tour yet and my voice which I bellow until I'm hoarse was telling me to stop singing for a bit, so I've been avoiding singing (that kills me) . If my vocal chords were a human, they would be a f****** huge weight lifter I swear. 
I was scared of going away because of the momentum of this year... Like my body wouldn't adjust properly to not being all over the place. But when I got there I felt the biggest sense of calm. I had tried to defeat a two week long flu, which started during the filming for my new single, Lights (Which is looking GOOD) Sri Lanka is so GREEN. Equator Emerald. The first thing I noticed was the smiling. Everyone smiles. People stand around, staring- It's not rude to stare there, I don't think. When you compare that to London, where people are falling themselves to get somewhere or do something. Hell even if people don't have a place to go they still rush. The only people you see stood still are lost tourists or tramps who are generally ignored.
Second thing I noticed on the way to the mountains was how poor it was. Houses and shops sort of cheaply mangled together at the sides of the road and any gaps you just nail a board up.  But no one seemed unhappy. Food is mainly curry, the main exports- cashews, coconuts, bananas, rubber, tea. Most people wore no shoes. Their feet just adjust to the dusty, rubbled roads from childhood. Even the oldest people looked full of life though. They are without doubt the friendliest people I've ever met besides Americans. Roads are mental though. There aren't really any motorways and people constantly overtake to the point where there are three cars in the road battling. Our journeys to the different hotels took a casual five to seven hours on the roads. It's just impossible to get somewhere quick!
I visited tea trails, where some of the most beautiful tea in the world is made. Granted the tour got a bit tedious towards the end.. but the surroundings were beautiful. Tea plants 1000 years old. The workers get houses, food, supplies and a day off on Sunday. I walked on the beach near Gaul that was previously ripped to pieces by the tsunami in 2004. I saw the town clock that stopped on that day too, really sad. On our final through days we stayed by the coast where I ate an unimaginable amount of fish. It made me feel like the healthiest person alive I swear! Did yoga and fell asleep half way through. Probably from sunstroke- I decided foolishly to only tentatively put sun cream on and by god did I suffer. my stomach looks like somebody splashed hot acid on it because of the splodges of suncream. And ONE leg burnt. Just one. Brilliant. 
My mum could never afford to take us on holiday when I was young, so to be somewhere so beautiful and magical meant I walked around permanently with my mouth and eyes wide open. Such a fascinating place. Read a couple of books, listened to good music, walked, did nothing. Perfect. I dreamt every night, funnily enough, and celebrities, television, and pop bands. I think this was my brains way of clearing out anything unnecessary that clung to me over the last year. Like as I was dreaming, I was breathing out the polluted air of nothingness and the clear Sri Lankan air recycled it for me. To be famous for the sake of being famous would never be in my list of priorities really. I'm not sure that is the way to be, ever. I suppose in a way people who do that are just correspondants of what a majority of Society obsesses over anyway- celebrities and their lives and their troubles.  No point thinking too much about that though. It's like, a pointless thought.  It's a fact, and you can't mess with facts. 
I feel a bit cleaner since I came back, and my voice has come back stronger after giving it a well earned break. Thanks, voice, for keeping it together during the busiest  most hectic spells of my life. Without you I'd be lost.
My New Years resolutions are to-
  • Run as much as I can, and get stronger. So go back to doing martial arts again. I want to always be ready for anything. I tell myself that long before words, what existed? Just the mind, the body, and its strength. Etc
  • Drink more cocktails. I've had enough of wine and gin and tonics. I want cocktails. The most outrageous ridiculous looking, offensively named inexplicably coloured cocktails. 
  • Read more books. Read so many more books.
  • Play my guitar daily, learn piano and learn the harp which I became obsessed with recently in Ireland.
  • Sing my a** off at home and not be worried the people upstairs think I'm a loony.
And lastly- spend as much time in the States this year as possible. I like it there, a lot. Are there good cocktails?
Love to y'all.
EG xxxxx

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Comment by Boulent Mustafa on January 12, 2011 at 8:29am


Wishing you all the best for 2011 :)

Comment by Jessica Stuart on January 12, 2011 at 8:28am
very cool blog post, and awesome resolutions. we will be very happy to have you here in the States more. UK's been hogging you for too long! there are tons of great places to get cocktails in America - drink 'em slow and enjoy!
Comment by LilyHunter on January 12, 2011 at 8:28am

This is ace!

You dont understand how much we love you! Dont go to the states for too long, we will miss you too much, are you doing a tour in England for 2011..?

Love you Ellie!

Thinking of getting your name tattooed! 

Yeah i love you a lot! xxxxxxxxx

Comment by Genevieve Williams on January 12, 2011 at 8:26am
This has led me into a sudden wave of deep thinking.
Glad to hear Sri Lanka was such a good experience. My sister went one summer, to stay with her friends family. What you described on here, was pretty much what I remember her telling me. It's definitely somewhere I'd love to go one day.
Lovely to see you blogging :)
Hope you keep it up, and to see you around the UK at some point :) x
Comment by Maisie O'Donnell on January 12, 2011 at 8:18am

I love this Ellie!

You're my idol and my inspiration, it's great to be able to read about you and what you're getting up to :D

You're truly amazing, i love you! xxx


Comment by Daniel Leggat on January 12, 2011 at 8:13am

Lights is going to be an immense single... loving the reworked version for Bright Lights!


Glad you had an amazing holiday... you totally deserved it- even if we did miss your twitter chat:P


Just don't go getting carried away with those cocktails... remember what the doc said?:P



Comment by andrewislau on January 12, 2011 at 8:12am
Will you be doing any festivals this year :-)?
Comment by Gizmo [Angelina Scalia] on January 12, 2011 at 8:12am
 This is absolutely wonderful.I'm so glad you decided to start blogging on here, you should  join the chat once in a while too, we have a lot of fun on there. Totally excited to have you in the states, I'm definitely going to try to get to an East coast show if you have one.
Comment by andrewislau on January 12, 2011 at 8:11am
You're awesome

Comment by Ellie Goulding on January 12, 2011 at 7:59am
Sorry about the lack of paragraphs! Can't seem to work the editing thing x


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