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Yeah... I was kind of fired and I kinda quited. It all happened in one day, a normal day at work. I got to the shop on time, put on my uniform and said hi to everyone. My "best-co-worker", lets call him "Fesse", was acting strange. He didn't talk to me for two hours, I was feeling horrible and guilty, I started to think that i might have done something that made him angry when he finally said. "It's not you, it's the boss".

THE BOSS?!? Yes. She. The creepy, crazy, weird looking woman. According to Fesse, she threatened him. He'd rather stop talking to me or stop working there. We both chose the first one. Everything started getting even more weird, not just with him but with everyone else. Nobody talked to me! So when my boss told me I was doing wrong by being friends with them I said "I quit!"

I'm still friends with Fesse. I don't smell like pizza anymore. I sleep. And I take care of little childen at a robotics summer school. I met someone <3. Basically, I'm happy.

If you get to read this, THNKS.

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