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Filter Magazine: Getting to Know The Serenades

“It’s [tough] because I like those bands that stay together forever and are almost like a religion,” says Olenius. “But bands can also get stuck. If you’re the lead songwriter, it’s really, really great to share your ideas with someone else or somewhere else.”

The opportunity to do something different, to bounce ideas off someone who wasn’t a longstanding fixture in his musical past is what largely brought the Shout Out Louds frontman to fellow Swedish musical artist Markus Krunegård (of Laakso). Meeting by chance while their respective bands were making a tour-traveling pit stop along the German autobahn, the two became close as they continued to run into one another at various Swedish festival and club performances. When their schedules would allow it, the two inevitably began working on demos together. “We were becoming friends,” says Krunegård. “I don’t know what people do when they become friends, whether they play badminton or drink beer. We both write music so it felt quite natural.”

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