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i have never really liked fighting i always look like i am about to fight or looking for a fight as my friends would say but really no. At work i am always told my supervisor hides from me cuz she thinks i am about to kick her a** which is not true but funny at the same time considering shes a total b**** to us. Then suddenly out of the blue today one of my co workers pushed me to my breaking point and caused me to get into a fight. No big damaged done to me i can say i have a few scrapes and bruises and some bruised ribs i think have to go to get that checked but its all good. I wasnt counting on her falling on me which took the air out of me (i wonder if thats the reason my ribs hurt considering she is 100+ pounds heavier than me). My knuckles hurt to but i guess its because when i punched her in her mouth i broke her braces anyways i still dont approve of my actions but hell it was worth it. LOL I wonder what donnie whalberg would say since i do follow him on twitter.

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