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Feist - Riviera Theater - Chicago, IL. 11/4/11

One thing Feist understands is the art of "feel".  She clearly goes to the trouble of searching for vintage gear to achieve this versus using the state of the art equipment available.  Even Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was present to enjoy a unique perspective in music, I am not sure his head was exploding like mine trying to figure out what vintage amps and guitars were being used.  The stage was in disarray with wires going everywhere, it looked sorta like a musical flea market.  However just looking up at that stage gave me a sense of calm knowing that the sounds I would hear when it started would be something hard to reproduce with any modern technology.  I had a great 3rd row perspective but as the sold out crowd started to show up, I found myself in sea of people tightening around me so I bailed out to a less tight vantage point which made my pictures suffer and no video.


I marveled at this show.  Music today in some cases is void of feel and emotion but Feist used her voice to hypnotize all in attendance and used the vintage sound to paint landscapes behind it.  The vocal was perfect, and haunting.  Listening to her work was clearly musical selections born from a genius imagination and sound tracking those thoughts, not cookie cutter sounds, patterns, and samples.


To me in her own way she is a modern day Karen Carpenter, a voice pure and perfect that enters your ears and relaxes your body and vibrates your soul. 


Undiscovered First
How Come You Never Go There
A Commotion
The Circle Married the Line
So Sorry
Bittersweet Melodies
Comfort Me
The Bad in Each Other
My Moon My Man
Caught a Long Wind
Get It Wrong, Get It Right

Cicadas and Gulls
I Feel It All
Sea Lion Woman
Let It Die




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Comment by Cherrytree Radio on November 6, 2011 at 3:13pm

Awesome Poly!  Glad you had a good time.  I'd have been checking out the equipment too.



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