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Yeah.. I was sitting in a field right after talking to the deputy head and I thought to myself I could write a song.. It was pretty chilled.. It was warm and I was just lying out on the grass with a football game happening like 60 odd metres away from me, I don't really know why I wrote that, but oh well...

I wasn't suspended - that's a good thing,
but they did give me a formal warning,
now my parents are calling... REJECT CALL,
I can't stand seeing them at all anymore,
so now I'm on my own in a field,
no guns or knives; a pencil is what I wield,
I wonder what everyone thinks,
all of my closest link,
there all watching me go downhill,
a slippery slope all the way down to a minefield,
I'm pretty sure some people want me there,
they want me out just so I'm out of their hair.
He says he's fought for me to stay,
but he can't anymore because I never obey,
I don't try to be bad it just comes to me,
I feel like it's all in my destiny.

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