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I mean I am not a large woman but I have broad shoulders, wide hips and large leg muscle not to mention an above average bust size. I wear size 40 jeans because of my hips. But I have to buy straight leg in order to fit my calf muscles. I have to buy XXL shirts unless I want every male I meet talking to my boobs. But even when I want a tighter shirt I have to buy XL to fit over my bust and to fit my shoulders. I can't even go to Victoria's secret to get bras because they don't go big enough. Why should women feel like they are a lesser being if we don't fit into the norm?
I love Hot Topic but most of their clothes don't go to my size. What do they think that just because we are larger we don't want cool clothes too? Every Halloween I look for a corset to fit me for my costumes but you know what they don't have my size or the ones they do have in my size are ugly. Why?
Men who are larger like my brother go through the same thing. My brother is not an overly large man but because of his height and the width of his shoulders he has difficulty finding clothes. Why in a society that caters more to men should he have to have difficulty finding the simplest of needs like clothes?
Well I have stated my piece and I will now adjourn.

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