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Far East Movement Sign to Cherrytree / Interscope Records

Its official! we’ve signed our first record deal with Cherrytree / Interscope Records. We’d like to thank GOD for always watching over us and keeping us focused with blind faith. You’ve protected us and kept us strong when situations should have brought us down and we’re forever grateful. Thank you for keeping us loyal to our dream, and loyal and appreciative of each other. Thank you for keeping us strong during the ruff times and surrounding us with a team to prepare us to become stronger for the future.

Signing with Cherrytree / Interscope Records was a dream for us from day one. A story we tell at the office all the time: back in the day Kev Nish and Prohgress used to intern at Interscope Records, coming in 2-3 days a week for over a year to learn about the music industry and the only reason Kev signed up for classes at community college was so Interscope would take him as an intern. Now… we gotta say.. it truly trips us out to be able to walk those same office halls as artists signed to the label and it means alot to us.

Thank all of you for reppin FM proudly with all your heart and all of our folks and fam that have believed in us through the ups and downs no matter the weather. So many people have helped us get here and we’re forever grateful to you, and we’re blessed to have those same people building FM harder now since this is just the beginning. This is a new beginning for the Far East Movement and for our team and we’ll need everyone more than ever.. 3 FINGERS UP and thank you guys!

Time for us to get back in the studio and finish our first album with Cherrytree Records.. cant wait for yall to hear the new music.

Please contact [email protected] for any FM inquires.

Cherrytree Records:

Interscope Records:

Far East Movement (Kev Nish, Prohgress, Jsplif, DJ Virman), Stereotypes (Jon Street, Jerm Beats, Ray Rom not pictured), FM Management – Stampede Management (Ted, Russ, Kiki behind the cam), Tabitha Plummer, Cherrytree Records (Martin aka Cherry Cherry Boom Boom), Interscope Records Team (Don, Jurgen, Sarah)

Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, DJ Virman with THE PEN.

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