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Sometimes family can be such a pain in the a**. Don't get me wrong I love my family but they always ask questions that I have no real answer for. I am so tired of answer questions like when are you going to start dating again? and when are you going to have children? Okay to start with I am not even sure I want to have kids. I love kids don't get me wrong but they cost so much to raise and they are always getting into stuff. If I want something that gets into stuff I would get a puppy or kitten. And about the other question I don't know when. All I do know is that it won't be something I rush into since out of the last 5 relationships I have had none that have ended well and I am tired of being the one to get hurt. Besides I don't think there is really anyone who could accept me for me. I mean I definately have my own way of dressing, thinking, and doing things. First and foremost the guys would have to be cool with my love of music, family, and friends. And believe me there are very few individuals who could deal with the wide variety of music and friends I have. I don't descriminate in either category. Because the wider variety of individuals you know the wider the variety of music and culture you are exposed to. He would also have to be okay with the fact that I don't really have a religion. I mean I believe in pieces of several religions. So I am a pagan. Most men around here freak out as soon as they find out that I am pagan. Another question I hate is When are you going to do something with your life? Okay I thought I was doing something with my life. I am alive and healthy. Is that not enough? I am actively looking for a job and I am actively trying to get financial aid to go back to school. I can not help it that there is nothing around here.

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