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Facebook Stalker Parody

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Verse 1

Eric sends a friend request to girls he’s never met,

Hopes to see bikini pics, but they play hard to get.

April’s stalking Bobby, meanwhile Bobby’s stalking Chris,

Searching strangers’ profiles for some guy she’d like to kiss.


If you knew how often I watch you,

You’d be quick to hit de-friend.

In real life this wouldn’t be legal,

But Facebook made mass stalking a trend.

Verse 2

Amy visits her ex-boyfriend, but they’ll never know,

Gazing at her Facebook profiles, tracking where they go,

Lives a life that never happened, reminiscing back.

Does her world of make believe make up for what she lacks?


Verse 3

We interrupt this program for a bit of Facebook news.

Will they give you freedom to see all your profile views?

Catch the random guy who clicked your face 2000 times.

Is worshipping your yearbook pic more or less a crime?


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