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Eventful First Day of Cherrytree Chat

Today was the first day of Cherrytree chat, and it was quite an eventful one! Besides the many other members I got to talk to throughout the day, there were also a number of important figures who stopped by the chatroom.

When I first entered, I had the pleasure to talk to Scott and Dean, both Cherrytree employees. They stayed on through most of the day, as well. I found out that Scott likes Marilyn Manson like I do, and myself and Dean were talking about playing games together on PS3. They're great guys!

Next Charlotte from Flipsyde came online. I'd never heard of the band before, but then Dean gave me a link to the video for their song "When It Was Good". It was great! I talked to Charlotte for a while, and she was really cool. She told me the band might be coming to Canada in late July or early August, so I might consider going to see them.

A little later, after Charlotte left, Lindi Ortega joined the chat. She's new to the Cherrytree line-up, and her first album is coming out in September. She lives in Toronto. I wasn't as interested in her music as I was with Charlotte, but she was nice to talk to!

Finally, Romeo from Cinema Bizarre came on unexpectedly and the chat exploded. It went from about 15 to 55 people in 20 minutes, and even the Cherrytree staff were surprised to see him. He stayed on for a while, chatted with everyone, and answered some of our questions. He even got Yu to talk to us a bit. It was awesome, especially being a bit Cinema Bizarre fan and running their Official Canadian Fanclub.

That sums up a great day in the new Cherrytree Chat, and I'm looking forward to many more! Kudos to Cherrytree for adding this feature to the site.

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