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well that on song we were working on is done we just have to fix and cut it and all that great stuff. can't wait we do have a gig later on don't know the date just yet but we need 3 songs to play we r now working on song number two I really like it but I love the first one cuz it's one that liz wrote after my ex broke up with me over a text. it's a really great song not saying the name cuz we want to keep it shhhhhh cuz we want ppl to hear for the first time at the club we have to gig at. still dont know the name of the club it is going to be a opening thingy. on the latest update now I'm getting my lip done after I get back from the beach with Jack and Ray. then I will get my tattoo's one at a time seeing as it's going to be my first time to get one. here is how I will get them the first one will be a star with black outline and hot pink in the outline my next one will be same star next to my first one on my left shoulder and it will be lime green. my other one will be our band logo hopefully but the other one is in Kanji and it will say only god can judge me and i'm thinking about putting it on my ribs or on my back. when i get my lip done i will have 6 body piercings, but thats really all i have for now. if u want to know more bout me and the rest of the guys in the band email me and i will tell u alittle more about us guys.

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