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Well hello Colette! I’ve been listening to “Skitszo Part 1″ non-stop and I’m very excited to hear the final album when it comes out in 2013. Tell us a little bit about “Skitszo Part 1″ and what it means to you…

Hey Raj, “Skitszo Part 1″ just feels really natural, they are songs that I wanted to get out there for awhile –“Killswitch” in particular, but I knew if I were to release that as a single people would be so confused because there is no rap on it and y’know, it’s pretty pop driven and it’s a very vulnerable song for me. I was really frustrated with this new singles market and how quickly bloggers would publish something saying “you’ve changed direction” when really they aren’t getting the big picture – which is “Skitszo”“Skitszo” is about one girl expressing all her different sides, which I think most girls have – an open side, an angry side – just natural progression of emotions when dealing with a break-up, falling in love, wanting to go out and blow off some steam. I spoke to Martin Kierszenbaum about it (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom) about it and he totally understood that I wanted to come out with an album, but not do in the typical way of releasing three singles. I just got bored with that concept if that makes sense. I haven’t been doing this for that long, but three years was enough for me in doing things the typical way. So really I just wanted to try something new and Martin was on the same page. We brainstormed for quite a bit and came up with this idea of releasing music as fast as it was made via an EP series. It really excited me because I knew that I could package a little bit of all my sides on these EPs and it would help people understand me and my music better. The Skitszo EP series is more like 360 view of my brain versus just one picture coming out at a time.

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