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Why do we have emotions? They get us into trouble. If we show them then people critize you for showing them; if you don't then they call you cold. There are times and places you should show your emotions like funerals. Emotions can be something of a quadry for most. Many wonder how you can do certain things without emotions. Sex without emotions is something simple you go you have fun and that is that. But many feel that there has to be some emotional responses and consequences to have sex without emotion. The only emotional responses need during this is lust and arousal that is it. Real pleasure only comes from the emotional attachment between to people so that would not be present in this situation. Emotions can be compared to a bag of skittles. Some of them make great combinations were as others just taste wrong. Going through life emotion less would be difficult but going through life surpressing your emotions is as simple as one two three. Though it tends to make you a cynical person. Or better yet it tends to make you a realist in the truest of senses. You don't know who you can trust and who you can't trust. I know it sounds a little conspiracy theory but it is true. If you form little to no attachment to people then you can't get hurt in the long run. And preventing that pain in this world filled with pain would be a blessing. Damn emotions. So back to my original question, why do we have emotions? I am hoping the answer is because of the happy times though they maybe few and far between. The happy emotions -- Love, Hope, Faith, Happy, Greatful, and the list goes on. Though there are more sad or meloncholy emotions than there are good ones. I completely understand that we need the bad with the good but does there have to be more bad than good. Well thanks for reading my thoughts though they are radical and spuratic they are my thoughts and it is better that I get them out than to bottle them up inside. later.

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