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It has been a long while since my last blog post on here, but the subject is exactly the same: Ellie Goulding!  It is no secret that Miss Goulding is my favorite artist out there, and that I cannot have enough respect for her talent.  This was the third time I have had the pleasure of seeing Ellie, but the experience was a bit different.  The day started out very long, but also very worth it.  I had two friends drive down from Indiana to see the concert, so we got to the Austin Music Hall at 2 PM the day of the show because it was all GA and we wanted to get good spots.  After 5 hours of good conversation with some other Goulddiggers, they finally opened the doors and we were able to make it into the center of the 3rd row on the floor.  Everybody restlessly stood for another hour until the opening act, Conway, made her way to the stage.  I had never heard of her before, but she surprised me for the best and ultimately made a fan out of me!  After Conway finished, the stage crew came on and set up for Ellie.  Of the 3 times I've seen her, this was the most elaborate stage set up so far.  All of the band were put on risers covered with sequined and glittery silver sheets, and of course Ellie had her command central front and center.  The band finally came out in front of what looked like a backdrop of mountains, and out of nowhere when the beat dropped, you could see that they were video screens rather than a sheet, and throughout the show, the production value continued to increase with the stellar backdrop videos and lighting.  I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of both songs from "Lights" and "Halcyon" that she played.  My hands down favorite had to be her mash up of "Bad Girls" by MIA complete with a floor tom intro by Ellie herself that smoothly transitioned into "Salt Skin."  I have never heard a crowd be so loud or dance so much in my entire life as when she played the fan favorites like Burn and Anything Could Happen.  One thing that cannot be left out is Ellie's incredible ability to transform her songs into acoustic renditions that rival the catchiness and essence of the original versions.  Overall, this is the best show I have ever seen.  It has been an incredible pleasure witnessing Ellie's rise to fame and popularity not even just in the US, but throughout the world.  She has truly transformed herself into the ultimate performer.  I remember not even 3 years ago seeing her in Atlanta with Martin where she didn't seem as sure in her vocals, but still put on an amazing show to this past Saturday where she had the stage presence and vocal ability of a legend and had the crowd in the palm of her hand.  I cannot put into words how truly amazing this show was, and cannot end this blog without thanking everybody at CherryTree for being as kind to me as you always are, and for noticing an amazing talent like Ellie Goulding and bringing her to the masses!

Much Love,


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