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Hey Guys!

So, as you all probably know, I was going to see Ellie on Thursday night, I’ve been going on about it for months, so here’s what happened....

We set off at around 6.30pm (Doors opened at 7!) panicking about being late for the concert.

We arrived there at around 6.50pm. The venue was queued around the block, but after we joined about double the amount in front of us joined. It was, typically freezing outside, and after waiting until about 7.10, we were allowed into the venue, we rushed upstairs to the unreserved seating area, where we found some seats with a great view of the stage.

 After asking one of the stewards, we were told that Ellie was delayed, and probably would not be on stage till around 9.30pm, so we went to get some drinks/snacks from the bar (there was also a handy hall connecting our block of seats directly to).

On return to the seats, we began to chat, and before we noticed, the opening band was on stage. Sons & Lovers, who I now find out, are managed by Jamie, the same manager as Ellie, were fab, and really did warm up the crowd.

Again, after another short-ish break...It was Ellie time!

And instead of talking through it, I’m going to let some (out of the 542 pictures I took) talk for themselves.

I Still have so many more pictures to post, which will be posted in a follow-up blog :) 

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