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Seeing Ellie Goulding last night at Terminal 5, in NYC, was not something I could have ever dreamed of doing. Initially, my friend and I were planning to see Ellie in D.C. Unfortunately, we waited too long to get tickets and she was sold out! We were heartbroken. There seemed to be no hope on the horizon, even though Ellie did have this show in NYC; how were we supposed to get up there? 


On July 27, I was on browsing through Ellie's fan page on Facebook and came across Cherrytree's contest which was going to give 2 tickets to the user who wrote "Why I love Ellie Goulding" I told my friend about and we both entered! Hey! If we win, I thought, there is no stopping us from going up there! We waited and waited, looking every minute of every hour, when it got to crunch time. What seemed to be a dream, we both looked on the website and saw my friend's name as the winner! My friend Gabby's was really superb she did drawling and made the story sound very interesting.With out a doubt, I knew she was going to win! She deserved it!  When we saw that she had won, it was unbelievable! I think we nearly died of excitement and we weren't even at the concert yet! Sooner than not, it was time to start heading towards New York. 

We arrived at Terminal 5 around 5:15 and waited in line, it was hot, but we were so excited we didn't care! Things went through our minds like: I wonder if we're going to meet Ellie? Actually, because I had a feeling, I bought a Sharpie at one of the local drugs stores!  When the waiting was over, we met up with Andrea (of Cherrytree Records). She was so nice. My friend and I were showered with buttons, stickers, and a t-shirt from Cherrytree. Most importantly, we were given VIP tickets. At first, I didn't know what that had in store for us, but I soon realized that this was where it was at!

We were treated very nicely in the VIP section! But, what can you expect! We had a perfect spot. There was no mosh pit to be crammed in! We stood comfortably, with Shirley Temples in hand! My friend and I were still in amazement, and then all the sudden I see this person with blonde hair walk by and go into the door. I go to my friend: "That was ELLIE GOULDING! She walked right past us and we didn't even see her! She was right there!" However, that would not be the last time we would see her! Because we were surrounded by VIPs and people who were actually connected with Ellie, we were able to go and meet her! We started getting the jitters! What do we say? Do I look OK? Are our teeth red from the Shirley Temples? Everyone else seemed in a state of calmness. Not us, we couldn't contain ourselves! All the sudden the door opened and there she was! I nearly fell over! We were the second to meet her! She was so nice and who could ignore the British accent!? We got a picture with her and even her autograph! She hugged us and then it was goodbye. It was definitely an experience I will never forget! 

Not a minute past after we came out of the "meet & greet" that the music started to play. I was introduced to new music last night when the opening band,. Bag Raiders came on. They were really cool! If you like techno/electronic this is the band for you! I know I am hooked!  They were so lively and they never stopped playing, one beat after the next! They really shook up Terminal 5 and got us ready to see the next act: Ellie! 

Ellie came on at 9:15! Our hearts were racing out of pure excitement! She really did some great tunes! I was even introduced to some new songs of hers that I am going to download ASAP. Some songs that were sung included: Under the Sheets, Home, The Writer, and This Love. She also played my favorite songs: Lights, Guns & Horses, and Your Song. I was happily surprised to hear Your Song! It really is a cool rendition of it, quite different from Elton John's.  I like how she changes the lyric " a man who makes potions in the travelling shore" to "a girl...." A tid-bit is that she sang Your Song at Duchess Catherine and Prince William's wedding reception!  She really brought down the house and had the crowds singing along too! She had us all singing "I would give my life, to be human" from the song Human. It was definitely a barn-burner. An important thing to note is that she sounds excellent live. It's almost uncanny! If  you listen to her pre-recorded songs versus how she sang live, you can hardly tell any difference! It really shows how extremely talented she is! 

Thank you Cherrytree, especially Andrea, for giving my friend, Gabby, and myself this wonderful experience!  We would have never dreamed of seeing Ellie after we missed the DC show. Seeing her in New York made it even more special! It was truly something I don't think either of us will ever forget! Thank you so much! Keep rocking Ellie! 


Please look at my friend Gabby's blog post about the show as well! :D


Also, please follow me at my tumblr blog: The Unexpected Summer where you can also view a post about U2!  Hope you have a look! 

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Comment by Natalie Kratfel on August 1, 2011 at 12:18pm

Thanks Andrea! Sorry we couldn't give a formal goodbye as we walked out we didn't see you! :(

Gabby has assured me she is writing her blog post as we speak! I'm sure it will be GREAT! 

Thanks again! 

Comment by Andrea (Cherrytree) on August 1, 2011 at 12:10pm

great post Natalie     and you and Gabby are both so welcome!    loved hanging with 2 cool chicks like yourselves


Shirley Temples for all!






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