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Don't read this blog about Tom Kaulitz and my inner rantings!!!

Oh you brave soul, you are actually reading this? Alright well, my name is Sallyanne Christie, I have a last name but it really isn't important. Unless you were trying to Google me or something.

So in this blog, like my other on myspace, I have an entry written about my favorite band 'Tokio Hotel'. It's a sweet entry praising each young man in a short paragraph. But I've decided to expand on that here, and pick one member to blog about. I think I will start with Front Man's-older brother(by ten flippin' minutes)Tom Kaulitz.

Where to begin, see this would be a lot easier if I ever met the guy. But there's nothing wrong with just saying what I think or feel, right? Good! Time to state the obvious-the dude is really, really good looking! His attitude drives females of all ages crazy, and he's a talented musician---end of blog----


I will make it known, I have a crush on him. The funny part is, some things about him that shouldn't make me like him, actually draws me to him. We'll start with the physical, I am one who can not stand cornrows. It's not my preference of hair for any man. Yet, Tom wears them well(remember the dreads! ha ha). His style has matured a little since his younger days of 3XL shirts covering his youthful frame.

I didn't know about Tokio Hotel back then, looking at the pictures now? You almost want to "Aw" at the fact you can barely see him covered in those clothes! The baggy style isn't my favorite but its good to see he's grown into some of his outfits, which is starting to make me appreciate the style a little more day by day.

Do I sound like I'm Bashing? I'm not. Seriously...

Time to dive into the inner workings of his mind-actually we won't. For I do not know him well enough to even share my thoughts. I mean interviews skim the surface I would say. But like everyone's favorite Ogre said in 'Shrek' about his kind having layers, I'm sure Tom has them too like any other human being. But I'm not going to compare him to an onion. Cool? Cool!!

Moving on! **We're walking, we're walking okay people!**

So yes, it's obvious I'm of the darker persuasion, and female! Now I want to take a moment and rant about the s*** I get for liking the guy. Yes, I know it's extremely redundant, but it's bothersome. Here's my quandary:

Why is it so hard for other black men, to handle the fact that black women like white men? Yes this age old question has been brought up again. For it is on my mind now more than ever since I've been out on the social scene.
It seems like, it's okay, for a black man to date or be attracted to even marry a white woman. But when it comes to the white man and a black woman, people stop and stare. Like you've never seen it before?
Yes, I even get s*** from black men once they find that I like white guys. Then they call me racist? Slap in the face much???
So let me get this straight for the stupid men who think this way...It's okay for you,to expand your preferences on interracial dating. As for us, we have to like you, and only be around to procreate and then watch you leave us for a woman of a different race*cough*Slavery*cough*
Totally sounds like I'm a mad black woman...what the F**k does this have to do with Tom Kaulitz? Yes, I know some of you are thinking this. Truth, I'm not mad, very annoyed though. For the relation to Tom? Simple, I mean look at him o.O then look at me O.o...Like most of you would agree, it should be about race or color. It's stupid to think that way. I'm not saying I only like white guys, but its the only time I get s*** about it.

Simply, ignoring it won't make it go away, and talking the subject to death won't made it fade into the mist ANY faster people. So I'm just blogging as a thought.....but opinions are always welcome!

Now back to Tom to wrap things up!
I wonder what he would have to discuss on this topic? Does he wonder about the same things I do? I know he doesn't dwell on the subject. Maybe it crosses his mind once in a while when he has a moment to slow down from his fast paced life?
Just like our beloved Tootsie Pop Commercial says, "The world may never know." Unless it's in an interview or something way down the road, until then the commercial quote stands! Hope you liked the Blog on Tom!

Peas and Carrots,

Sallyanne Christie

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