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I am writing this blog because I know a lot people which have problems around this topic. It is not easy to talk about it as a 15 years old girl. But I try to give my best.

There are many ways how you can hurt yourself and every way is a sign for a scream. You just need help and don't know how.


The first thing is when you don't eat enough. In the upcoming time we have enough food in Europe, Asia and America. The others have also food.

Please never eat too less. You can see in tv that the young girls are getting thinner and thinner. It is terrible. The 10 year old girls and also boys! think that they are too fat even when there are really thin.. They have no feeling for it. Older people want to look like their idol or say no to it because they wanna hurt theirselfes.

Is this a way? No! You never should eat less because you did something wrong.

TV has made a wrong imagination with the topic. When you are thin and sexy people love you. Is it really like that? Not at all. There are many people which look how a person's character is. Maybe this sounds strange but it is like that. Boys don't wanna have just a thin girl. She should also be not dumb. Sure they wanna have their fun but not just that. So. Listen to your body. Does it need food? When yes look what you eat and how much. But never eat nothing. Even not for one day.

You don't have to eat so much that you get fat just so much that you don't get too thin and are nearly deth. When you have a friend you can help her/him. It is neccesary that you don't look away. Talk with her/him carefully.


This is one of the hardest things. There are many reasons why people do this.

For a person who is not doing it it is hard to understand why. I know how you feel when you do it. And I can tell you stop it. And never begin with it. The h

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