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documentary tokio hotel berlin NME and RTL!!

Dear fans of Tokio Hotel!

From RTL TV production MME in Berlin want to make a documentary about Tokio Hotel. Should be released this year. The documentary will be longer and more emotional in the history of German television. Therefore, we urgently need your help.

The TV production looking for all the photos and videos such as:

* The first appearance of the group (Talent Competition)
* Video / Audio: "Leb die Sekunden" (first song of Bill)
* The first appearance of the group as "Devilish" (Hegel rocks!)
* Visits to the home fans of Tom and Bill Kaulitz in Loitsche.
* Appearances of Tokio Hotel as "Black Question Mark" or "Devilish" in village festivals.
* Competitions, small clubs, and more.
* Photos and recordings of fans had never seen.

If you have photos or photos of ideas for admissions or video recordings, please please contact urgently with the production of MME [email protected]

Thank you very much on behalf of MME and RTL.

source: tokio hotel for tham to mexico!

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