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Earlier this summer I released my 1st video in Danish "Sommer i KBH". I learned a lot from that process and I was in general pleased with the result. However I felt the song and the video was going in a different direction style-wise than I had initially planned. It was a cuter and more Disney version of Angel which also is a part of me as an artist, but by no means the beginning nor end of me.

Angel is me, yet not me. Angel is multi-faceted and has a bit of every woman in her. Yes, she can be sweet and smiley, but she can also be aggressive and angry; innocent and curious, or sexy and mischievous. Every woman has some or all of these features in her. It's part of our strength and mystique. I don't want to put Angel in a box or deny myself the chance to explore all these nuances of expression and emotion.

I recently released another video "Esta Noche", a sensual seduction track in Spanish. In it Angel seduces her man by surprising him with a candle lit evening, champagne, a trail of rose petals and a very sexy outfit.

Some might see it as risqué. I made sure it was all very classy, tasteful and creative. In my opinion, it's a good old fashioned story of romance and passion.

Check it out and see if you agree:

Much Love,

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