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I hadn't been on in a quite sometime. My apology. I have just stressed around, and so.
But I can tell you that. on the 17th August, I became 15 years old. That's the half of thirty -__-' . And I really want to be ten again! When you're become 15 in Denmark, theres three things you now can do: you can have legal sex, it's the last year you can drive on a children ticket (with bus, train, subway aso.), and you can now be locked up in a prisson! Isn't it great?
Yesterday I invited some people over, and then we celebrated my birthday . It was such a cosy evening!
But anyway. Tomorrow moring I'm going to Sweden -__- (no offense). We're going hikeing! And my bagpack is so heavy! 16 kilograms! It's a lot of weight when you're a little girl like me. But I'm also excited to learn more about the new people in my homegroup. And now you think: "what the f*** is a homegroup?". It's diffrent groups on my school. In my group we learn about media, in some other groups there is music, theater, and so. It's a very special school. Not an odd-special, but a good-special. It's called: The Alternative School. And I really love it <3
I'm also gonna talk about the new CB cd. It's called ToyZ, and I can't get until I'm home grom Sweden, whenever it came out friday. But I'm excited to get it, whenever I can ^^ .

Oh, I'm outta here. My clock will ring at 06:00 am, then I have to go to bed. Maybe I will watch a NCIS episode, and then go to sleep. who knows? (;

Love from Dada to you :'3

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