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Dear Destinee&Paris★☆ Hi! My name is Kanako but Kana is the best!
I'm 14&japanese :) I live in Japan,so I REALLY want you come to JAPAN Again!
I AM HUGE FAN OF YOU GIRLZ!!!!! I love your music,songs,voice,style,fashion&EVERYTHING!
I think I AM your #1 FAN in Japan! I HOPE SO!
Please Come to Japan! i wsh...NO All your FANS in Japan want u come! We NEED U!
&ALSO DO Concert Live here!
i live in Osaka,japan so i wish u come to Osaka!
I know&watched that when you come to Osaka Castle!
I watched it on called "Yogaku style"!!! of Music on TV =33333
i thought YOU HAD FUN! did you?????

I made For Paris a B-day-picture! Please watch these!!!
If when you're reading this,I'll think OMG!!!
You're AWESOME!!! You're the ONLY&NUMBER 1 Sisterz in the world =333
There's NO MORE sisterz like YOU! There's NO Sisterz better&coolest&Awesome than YOU GIRLz!!!!!
I'm REALLY in love with YOU XD LOL
I know you're very very very NICE to your FANS!!!!!
I★LOVE YOU BOTH! I do NOT know other SISTERz like YOU!!!!!
You're my number1 Girlz!!!!! I've never&ever seen sisterz like YOU!!!!
Destinee&Paris FOREVER!!!!!
Your Fan,Kana xoxoxoxo

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