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Deap Vally - Jessie Ware - Disclosure - Lollapalooza - Chicago IL. 08-02-13

It was a great day at Lollapalooza.  Though we had a brief rainstorm, the day overall was overcast and warm.  One of the reasons I chose Friday (day) was the fact that 3 CT artists were on that bill and 2 of those artists I had never seen.  Seemed to me to be a great reason to come up to Chicago.

Deap Vally

The first Cherrytree recording artist to perform Friday was Deap Vally.  I had never seen the two piece so I was interested in seeing how they would sound live.  The crowd chatter made me feel they were aware of Deap Vally and curious to see them live as they were listed as one of the must see bands of Lollapalooza.

They came out with dirty distortion and rocked the crowd.  I loved the drumming technique and how she did minor things to make her playing unique to her.  The crowd that had gathered was quite impressive and they played up to those fans nicely.  At one point someone had held up an inflatable Stanley Cup and the singer of Deap Vally asked if that was to signify the NFL team.  I thought that was quite funny.  I was actually in town when Chicago won the Stanley Cup at a Marianas Trench show. 

Bottom line Deap Vally is a fun band live with dirrty rock and dirrty raw presentation.  Sometimes a 45 min set can seem to last forever but I found myself wanting more and watching 45 minutes flash by.

Jessie  Ware.

This was my second time seeing Jessie Ware. She had a great turn out and with the eclectic balance of what Lollapalooza has to offer, it was quite entertaining watching the Jessie Ware quiet storm fans glance over to the Budlight stage and watch Ghost B.C. during their set. 

Jessie came out and put on a set showcasing her Devotion album and fans were clearly familiar with the songs.  She sounded great and infused a less chaotic set than some bands with her smooth vocal styling.  She mentioned fellow label mates Disclosure and urged everyone to go see their set later in the day.   She was quite charming interacting with the fans and even asking them to dance in unison at one point.  It was a nice peaceful pop/R&B set that cleansed our souls after witnessing the grim reaper appearance of the previously mentioned band across the field.


This was my first time seeing Disclosure live.  I didn't know what to expect from them so I was interested in seeing how this would unfold.  They are part DJ and part musicians with both gentleman played guitars and percussion to the tracks which I was impressed with.  They were playing the Grove stage which at this point was a muddy field.  It was the most energetic crowd I had seen all day.  They were all there to party and used Disclosure as their soundtrack.  

Even prior to them taking the stage everyone was buzzing about seeing Disclosure.  I really felt that this was the band to see at Lollapalooza based on everyone in the crowd and their enthusiasm.  Every song was an excuse to dance and I loved the vibe.  Disclosure had a great sounding set and great songs and the audience reaffirmed that with the dance party in the field.

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