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Yesterday my best friend who's like a sister to me Alysha (a.k.a Waffle) and I went to watch the movie Shrek Forever After in 3D. We think the movie was hilarious. There's a part where Donkey says to Puss "you're a cat-astrophe" and Puss says "Well you're ridonkulous". After the movie we went to D&B (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's Dave and Buster's) we had food to eat and Alysha and I really wanted to go play games but Uncle Norm wanted desert. He was trying to decide what to get and he said to both of us "pick a number between 1-7 and keep it in your head." we did that and then he said "on the count of 3 say your number at the same time" We both said 7. Then he said "Pick another number between 1-7 and it can't be the same number." And we both said 4. lol. We kind of had a twin moment there. We played a bunch of games too. Guitar hero, car racing games, claw (I swear those things are rigged), shooting games, and a bunch of other ones too. In the end we made 435 tickets! that's a lot! I had a lot of fun and I'm so sad that she's moving but everyday during this week not including today she's going to come over and bring her guitar so we can make songs together. We're also going to finish the songs we started of course. Well ttyl bye for now.

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