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♪ ♫ (intro)

I can't say that I'm a total mess

'cuz the world has made me so depressed (can you blame me?)

don't judge me 'cuz I'm not you, you're not even me


Sitting in my bedroom writing a few songs

listening to some tunes, too bad I don't get along (can you tell me?)

how is it that I can be you and not me?


A kid at heart, poser by day; don't want to go back that way


CHORUS 1: In this life, I got to choose

                   if I should stay only just to lose

                   I got none to gain but much to lose

                   and only god can cut the noose


I'm living a life without free will

and I stay alive just to be killed (let me tell you)

It's not easy being the goody good


Staying on the right path, playing it safe

but I hate living something that is fake (I'm thinking)

if something did exist I don't think I would


people say things that shouldn't be said, because fear always gets in their way

I can't live a life without change; I'll run away


(repeat CHORUS 1)


CHORUS 2: right here, right now I'm taking a stand

                        'cuz a world like this doesn't stand a chance

                        should I go or should I stay?

                        I won't let this be my last day


BRIDGE: God please hear me (please hear me), I'm hanging (I'm hanging), I'm dying on the noose

                   God please help me (please help me), I'm crying (I'm crying), I'm begging cut the noose

                   (repeat 2 times more, then come in with background)


lord I know, I know, I know, lord I know (etc.)


(Repeat CHORUS 1 then 2)


(Outro) In this life I had to choose, if I should gain just to loose

I had none to gone and much to lose

until god finally cut my noose

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