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CQD (Come Quickly Distress) - A Review by Cathy Maddox

I wish I was born beautiful
I found myself crying my eyes out while listening to Antoinette & the Kings Men's new song, 'CQD'. It stands for 'Come Quickly Distress', and I think it's based on the Titanic based on the tags. (I forgot what she told me about it)
It is a very haunting piece of art that I found seriously mesmerizing. Maybe it was the fact it reminded me of Marina's 'Numb' and 'Fear & Loathing'? Or maybe it's because it's incredibly beautiful? I'm not sure, but something about it made me want to listen again and again and again.
It didn't feel like it ended. It really didn't. I don't know if it was intended while she was making the track, but it was like the Titanic. How we're always being told about it, and it never ends, it never leaves our minds, and the song doesn't feel like it ends.
"I wrote this when I was in an exceedingly down mood. When I thought I was out and over the hill - that everything I've wanted was over. It's sad but true. Sometimes we feel unfulfilled and in this, we think we're finished. We send out distress signals but no one comes along. That's what this songs about about."
Taken from the SoundCloud description.
I think the most haunting thing about the track is the end, how calm her voice is while telling whoever may be at the other end of the line that they were sinking. I think the cheer chill of her voice is probably the scariest.
I'm very in touch with my total emo side today, but I imagine the people while on board the Titanic all running around in the chaos, and someone's got to keep them calm. They would have gone out of their mind. And the slow death of drowning. Eugh.
I think that the song can be taken either way. It can be taken as "she's singing about the victims and their regrets." or, "I can totally relate, I've felt like this.". I think I've taken the lyrics both ways.
The original link is here: CLICK
CQD can be listened to here: CLICK

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