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What's up fans and friends!!!!

I hope everyone is surviving and getting through the February changeover to Spring..

Where I am, in Ireland, it is incredibly windy and cold, so much so that I decided not to leave my house at all. Everyone wants to be blown away but not by the wind. Looking forward to the sight of blossom.

And so as the American tour beckons (finally) and I really really can't wait, there's so many people still to meet and places to see. So also comes the time where I write my second album.

Don't people get scared of writing the second album? That's what I heard. Since I wrote Lights I've grown up a lot, read a lot more and discovered a lot more music. Not to mention my voice is raw from touring. But I like the tone of it now. So I'm not afraid. More curious of what will come out!

Been reading poetry quite a bit. Just picked up Carol Ann Duffy's "Rapture" Very moving,  if you get a chance to read it. Also just finished Patti Smith's book, "Just kids". A whole world I didn't know about, a fascinating prologue to fame.
Patti references singers and bands that I have bothered to listen to, and now I'm obsessed with researching them and watching youtube videos. Its costing me a bomb on itunes to download all this new music. It's more the lifestyle and the obsession with art I've become attached to, an artists plight and an unbreakable, beautiful friendship. There are so many definitions of what an artist is and it gives me a headache. So I was relieved to read about it in such a pure simple way- Two kids dreaming of becoming artists. Anyway- it is a wonderful and heart-wrenching read and my first real insight into rock and roll.

Where I am at the moment couldn't be more perfect to read and reflect. Lonely, but perfectly solitary.


I'd be lying if I said that the last couple of years resulted in me being a calm person but here I am, writing to you, feeling rather calm. I've been alone for the past week in a tiny seaside town, protected by huge, Irish hills. Saying that, I can feel my heart beat more especially lying down; I have put this down to lack of distraction from it- its just so quiet!


I became attached to this place after the first time I came. Such a hidden gem of a place... Small shops, harbour, beautiful hills and cliffs, and traditional Irish folk music. Have attached picture of me trying out the accordian for the first time!

Someone had just abandoned it in one of the pubs.  A skull in fairy lights. Not a profound masterpiece by any means but I found it funny that that lovely girl who owned it was so blase about her obsession with finding skulls. Well I quite like skulls too, I said!

And we carried on drinking wine. We went to a pub quiz last night. I am always so enthusiastic until I get there and realise I have little general knowledge in comparison to EVERYONE else which is so frustrating, I protest, especially when I knew the million pound question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire once.

I just had Seafood Chowder- the ONE. Amazing. Fresh fish.

Ok so music- I am in love with Drake's record. Such a brilliant poet. Swoon.

Beach House, Dolly Parton, James Blake, Chase and Status, The National, Nicky Minaj, Warpaint, Arcade Fire, just downloaded the Adele album because I heard its brilliant. Apparently she said she was a fan on Radio one the other day, amazing! If anyone knows of any other new brilliant pop albums DO let me know.

Got three songs for y'all to download or youtube....

Anna Calvi- Suzanne and I

The Irrepressibles- In This Shirt

Matt Corby- Coloured Stones and Walls

All good s***.

Ok so over and out,

Hope you're all Happy!

Ellie xxxxx

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Comment by Kate Peck on February 7, 2011 at 9:01am

Ellie You are amazing - I hope you read this.

I can't wait for the second album - stay strong and keep writing. Looks like a beautiful place and you deserve to be there.

About to buy the songs - LOVE YOU

Comment by Steve Makepeace on February 7, 2011 at 8:51am

It's very nice reading your personal thoughts, it helps to re-affirm that you are after all human.


To help with iTunes cost use Spotify, I couldn't be without it nowadays

Comment by Kelly Evison on February 7, 2011 at 8:49am

Helloo Ellie!! Aww sounds like you are having a great time so i am very happy hearing this.ireland sounds beautiful and must be lovely having a break while preparing for your new album (which i cannot hold my excitement in for) :D :D :D Ermm pop artists.. well i know you have heard of Jessie J, need to fet her album when out. Have you listened to Spark she is a new pop artist, think she will do great as also very amazing. Anyway El love you, glad your having a great time.. keep happy!! :D

Kelly xxxxx 

Comment by Hannah Barlow on February 7, 2011 at 8:49am

you should write an autobiography :) that would be BRILLIANT! :)


Comment by Emma O'Brien on February 7, 2011 at 8:33am

fantastic songs there.. thanks for the heads up! blown away by the Matt Corby one.. goosebumps!

cant wait for your second album... i strongly believe it will be brilliant. will be a hard job trying to better the first though! one of my favourite all time albums! 

Enjoy the peace and calm while it lasts before the hecticness of america!


and thanks once again for introducing me to coloured stones and walls xx

Comment by Tanoop Sungha on February 7, 2011 at 8:31am

Hey Ellie..


Thanks for the music suggestions.. also the Album from Lights to Bright Lights.. I absolutely loved the additional track.. especially the song "Home".. I don't know about everyone else.. but it takes me to a warm place.. (hence why its on my playlist when I am at work!!)  Oh.. Jaz is spot on.. Jamie Woon is AMAZING!!  I do suggest you check out his songs.. Night Air is cool!  But Wayfering stranger.. tune!!  Another person I like as of late has to be Norah Jones.. she is really cool as well.. not sure if you would like her stuff but worth a listen!  As for new pop albums you have it nailed... do you have Diddy's new album?  Its a good one there... interesting beats!


By the way.. what was the million pound question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire??


As for the second album.. its always scary to take the next steps in life.. but.. I guess you put in everything you have learn and express yourself more.. Well thats now I see it...


And yes I talk too much!!  I know!!

Anyway.. keep the blogs up.. really enjoyed reading it!

Comment by Becks on February 7, 2011 at 8:31am
You're so poetic without trying. 
I like the way you write, and it makes me calm that you yourself are calm. I don't know why.
My point is, you write well.
Keep blogging, it's great as a fan to read into your personality. :)
Much love xxx
Comment by Jaz on February 7, 2011 at 8:23am

Loved it!

for music suggestions it has to be Jamie Woon, Check him our hes sort of similar to james blake but not exactly the same, Wayfering stranger is such a beautiful song so emotive!

Jaz x 

Comment by Rachel O'S on February 7, 2011 at 8:17am

Allo allo Ellie!


Saw u tweet about this on twitter and facebook!

Unlikely you'll manage to read this, cos ur probably inundated with fan mail!

But anywho... I'll take a chance! : P

Your defo my favourite artist out there at the minute.

Your unique sound and voice brings music to a whole other level!

The more music I find of yours the more I love it.

Music is a massive part of my life and your a true inspiration to me and most likely to all your other fans out there.

I hope u continue to be successful, because you deserve every award and accolade you receive!

In my opinion your fast becoming one of the best musicians of our generation!

Keep up the awesome work!

Rach X

Comment by Ariadne Everaerts on February 7, 2011 at 8:16am

Hi Ellie!

Little tip: walk around in Dublin on the 12th, 13th and 14th april, I will be there ;d


Hmm popalbums?

I have some songs:


That's all I have to say ^^


Lots of Love from your biggest fan in Belgium




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